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All information about the 24h CHECK-IN

Our reception is personally staffed daily between 6:30 am and 10:00 pm. Should you arrive outside of these times or need a room, our vending machine is available at the hotel entrance.

Your benefits at any time

  • Booking and check-in also possible without reservation
  • check in with reservation and receipt of your keycard even after 22:00
  • easy step-by-step instructions in 6 languages


Can I also check in without a reservation?

The machine knows exactly if and which rooms are available. You indicate the number of people in the room and the machine shows you the availability. If there are still rooms available, you can also check in without a reservation. Follow the on-screen instructions step by step.

How does the machine work?

The machine will guide you step by step until you receive your keycard:

  1. Tap the screen and select a language
  2. Choose between arrival with or without reservation

Arrival by reservation:

  • Enter the code/password from the reservation confirmation
  • confirm name and enter missing address information (registration form)
  • The keycard is issued and your receipt printed with room number

Arrival without reservation:

  • Enter the number of persons
  • Wait until a vacant room is found
  • Fill in the name and address (registration form)
  • Pay by bank card or credit card and PIN
  • Your keycard will be created and issued
  • The receipt with room number and debit note is printed
Can I book more than one room?

You can book several rooms at the vending machine, but only one after the other.

I have the room card, but how do I get in to the hotel?

The keycard opens the hotel entrance as well as your roomdoor.

Which room number do I have?

If the machine has found a suitable vacant room for you, it shows the room number on the screen. Upon completion of the check-in process, you will also receive a receipt stating your room number.

Is the payment receipt the same as my invoice?

You will receive a proper invoice at check-out at the reception. The document only shows which room you have booked and contains the payment slip if you paid by credit card or bank card.

Hotel Konrad Pötzel

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From November, additional measures to combat the corona pandemic will come into effect in Germany. The Hotel Konrad Pötzel is still open to all business travelers. Taking into account the distance and hygiene measures, you will continue to receive your freshly prepared breakfast in the morning.